Hello Beautiful!

My name is Amanda and I have been working alongside Jennie for a while now. I personally have had a tough start in life. Many challenges came my way and, one of them happened to be how I saw myself. I was closed off and often depressed because I didn't feel beautiful. Thankfully after just my first session, my outlook on my own self-image changed drastically. I learned to love the skin I'm in. Stretch marks, discolored skin, wrinkles, all of it. I learned they are all beautiful and in turn, I am beautiful in my own unique way.

Jennie asked me if I would like to become a Brand Ambassador for Fearlessly You and that answer was easily a YES, of course! My hope is that other men and women have the chance to see themselves in a new light. To actually feel good and stop worrying about what they need to "fix". Sessions aren't just about the pictures either - they are therapeutic, and there is a level of comfort that just makes everything come together perfectly. I  felt safe and free to express how I felt about myself. I recommend each individual to try this experience at least once. The pictures are amazing, but actually, the feeling(s) behind them, is even better! These pictures are memories of how amazing you not only look but also how you truly feel. You are beautiful no matter your shape, size, skin color, blemish, or scars.

I hope to see you soon!