I was personally in an abusive relationship, where my feelings and my thoughts were questioned daily. Being told that my feelings weren't valid and that I was acting "too emotional" when I would let them know I was upset at what they either said or did. I was made to feel that it was my fault. I endured being gaslighted. For years my confidence was diminished, the light I had was lost, but I would put on a brave face when we would be in public and grin and bear it, I would allow them to walk all over me because I didn't want to start a fight, I would be quiet in fear of causing a scene. For years I was a statistic, I was being controled by someone else, and I am here to tell you that your story is yours, and it's your truth. During this time, I started my boudoir business. One of my brides called out to me and asked me to take these photos for her, and I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, I was meant to photograph her, I was meant to have that day be day one of me pathing a road for me. Watching her confidence grow in front of my eyes I knew this is what I wanted every woman/individual to feel. One day I decided that I was worth more than this, I was worth more than someone telling me who I was, or getting yelled at for doing a simple task and being told I was wrong, and being told I couldn't do this, or couldn't do that. Consistently being belittled.  was always under the impression that my story didn't matter, that my feelings and voice on this subject were going to fall on deaf ears.

In the 5 years of being a boudoir photographer, I have come into contact with so many women, and men whom all have stories similar to mine and I was the one they chose their story to be to be told to, some are of pure love and optimism, and some are hard to listen to. However, I was always so honored that they felt comfortable enough to share such an intimate part of them with me. 


I always knew that my boudoir business would mean more than just taking beautiful, empowering images.  I knew that it was going to reach a much powerful level. My passion has always been to help people, I just didn't know what route I was going to take to get there, but since being on this road of self-love, and helping other individuals to see themselves in a beautiful light, and to see the best versions of themselves I feel that Fearless and Feminine is such a delicate and powerful representation of what my mission and my purpose is and what Fearlessly You Boudoir is all about. To be fearless in who we are, and that being feminine is a superpower. 

Our Mission

With the rise of feminism movements and waves of helping women become confident and love themselves in every aspect of their lives our mission is simple - to reach as many women and children we can who need the help and support of shelters, who need someone to speak to or simply just to have a community of women who support one another. My goal for Fearless and Feminine has always been to be a link between help and honesty. With each collection from Fearlessly You Boudoir, a percentage of money is saved and is donated on behalf of Fearless and Feminine to Women shelters and causes all around Ontario,  as well any purchase of any clothing/accessory a percentage from those sales will go to Ontario Women Shelters and causes.


I am a true believer in community work, and volunteer work does not go unnoticed, and to be able to give back is something I am so proud of. Being able to go to events, and spend a few hours giving back is selfless. With the help of my brand ambassadors and anyone who would like to join in on any of the volunteer opportunities Fearless and Feminine will be partaking in please give us an e-mail and we will provide all the necessary information you may need! Fearless and Feminine is about unity in all aspects of life, whether a woman needs a lending ear or some financial help we will be there with our arms wide open to help out in any way we can! Want to join the movement? Spread the love of our mission by making a purchase of one of your beautiful pieces of clothing, mugs, hats, etc.


It is greatly appreciated!



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Be a real woman. Support, encourage, compliment and cheer on fellow females, both in business and your personal life. And do it with an inspiring amount of love and grace.