I continue to absolutely adore how empowering and inclusive boudoir photography is. I love that Jennie has dedicated her art to capturing natural beauty in all its forms. I am proud to be an Ambassador for Fearlessly You Boudoir, with the opportunity to take part in an incredibly creative medium that allows us to champion beauty and grace in each and every form. This thought process is the true spirit and voice of photography.

Whether you are a seasoned model or someone looking to take part in a shoot for fun, it is imperative to work with a photographer that is completely on the same page as you. Boudoir photography is incredibly creative and intimate, so it is important that you work with a photographer who respects and understands your thoughts and wishes for your shoot. Once you find the ideal boudoir photographer to shoot with, the end results of your boudoir shoot will truly be magnificent. Jennie is that photographer.

I wholeheartedly cannot recommend enough for everyone to try taking part in a boudoir shoot at least once.

For me, Boudoir photography quite truly has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel as decadently beautiful as they truly are. 

We all deserve the right to eternally feel beautiful and cherished within our own skin.