The xxxperience

Life can become pretty hectic, we are constantly on the go and barely have time to take a moment for ourselves, let alone make time for date nights, and reconnecting with our partners. This results in a form of disconnect. We believe that taking time out of your busy schedule to reconnect with your partner is so incredibly important which is why we have come up with this amazing experience for all of you!



With our couples xxxperience we want to bring that passion back, by helping you ignite it!

With our couples xxxperience you will have a date you can look forward to through it on the calendar as a reminder that this time and this date is meant for the two of you, a time where the two of you will become close again, to re-ignite the passion that was there, and still is but it's buried under all the stress and responsibilities we have on the day to day basis. This xxxperience is for those who want a little something different to do than you standard date day/night, something that gets you closer and more intimate.

Touching, Kissing, Cuddling and having beautiful portraits to remember the occasion by. 


This is an xxxperience you both will remember.

Booking your xxxperience requires a Session Fee that includes:


Optional In-Person Consultation


Preparation and planning for your session lasting up to

4 hours 


Professional Hair & Makeup

Beard/Hair Grooming


Signature editing of your images


One on One Coaching to help you become comfortable


Take home gift of Beard Oil Provided by Highland Beard Co

HaeBaeBeauty Signature All Natural Body Scrub





*This session fee is due upon booking of time and date.

This session fee does NOT include any Albums or Products. These are sold separately. Albums begin at $1,500.

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