How A Boudoir Photoshoot Can Boost Confidence

Step outside of the comfort zone, your comfort zone! To me boudoir photography is more than just taking beautiful images of beautiful people in lingerie. Although, the term "boudoir" is derived from the French word for a women's private salon. Contrary to what you might think about boudoir - it isn't necessarily all about nudity.

This sensual and intimate style of portraiture, with images and roots that can be tracked down all the way to the late 1930's, it focuses on all things sultry. intimate, and even erotic. Many photographers have a style they prefer, and some are open to many concepts, whether that's more glamour, more editorial, and some just like showcasing the natural beauty of the subject. Either way, boudoir photography is so much more than beautiful images, it's about having fun, and raising your confidence! It's one of the many reason's why I love what I do, to see the confidence rise from my clients - from them coming into their session nervous, scared, unsure and to leaving empowered and amazing! Female empowerment and self confidence are one of the biggest keys to everyday happiness. If you've been thinking about doing a boudoir session for yourself and wanting to book one in the GTA please read below some of the thinks I believe to be how a boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence!

Being Able To See Yourself In The Same Light As Others See You We are our own worst critic - we're either too tall, too short, fat, thin, and everything else that you could pick apart about ourselves we do. However, the truth is that you're probably the only one who see's all of these. A boudoir session can easily showcase your radiance and capture your true beauty, and give you an opportunity - one that can be rare and that is to view yourself as the rest of the word does - with no judgement. Having my brand ambassadors speak from their own personal experience has helped other women think of doing their own boudoir session! We all know word of mouth is the best, and being able to have these everyday woman experience a session and talk about their OWN experience with it is an amazing asset and something I do not take lightly. If you want to take a look at who my beautiful ambassadors are click here.

Having a moment captured! Boudoir photography is becoming a lot more popular and a lot more accepted as the years go by. What was once something that would be kept a secret is now full fledged shared amongst friends and even family. The most popular is gifting the session to your significant other for a birthday gift, or wedding gift, but as mentioned it's quickly becoming individuals doing it for themselves. Whether you're celebrating being newly single, changes in lifestyle or appearance, birthday, anniversary, whatever it is you want to celebrate having a boudoir session that makes you feel empowered and beautiful is definitely the way to go! You'll have something to look back on and remember that time.

Go On - Give Yourself A Gift!

You work hard, you are always thinking of other people, now it's your time to think about YOU! Booking a boudoir session is incredibly pampering, and is catered to you. You will come in, sit and have your hair and makeup done whilst we sit and chat, in my personal opinion what sets everything together is the lashes! It's like putting the start upon the Christmas tree, that's how you know it's complete! you'll then put on your items you want to be photographed in, and put into poses that enhance your body and make you look and feel amazing. We are always focused on what others will think, and what we can do for them but we never truly sit back and think about what will make US happy. These sessions are to show you, you (I hope that make sense) and to enhance the beauty you already possess.

Sex Positivity Here at Fearlessly You Boudoir our goal is to always accept everyBODY. Sex positivity is all about communicating your personal sexuality without shame, judgement, or embarrassment. From everything in between this isn't a concept about promoting sex acts or one specific type of sexuality - it's about embracing the full spectrum of sexual expression. And let's face it, tuning into your feminine energy is a power move that will turn your world around tenfold.

Your boudoir session could help with your direction, to help you navigate the road you are on with your own sexual positive attitude, and help you lean into that attitude and mentality. Self expression is key, and this space is safe for you to express your own sexual individuality with no judgement once so ever. Allowing this acceptance and embracing your own sexuality can gift you a HUGE self confidence boost! And allows for an opportunity to have more open and positive communication with those around you. The thing is, the right photographer can help reel it in, and help harness the sexual power that you hold within you - giving plenty of direction while also letting you explore yourself during the session. This in-turn leaves you feeling free to learn, play and grow. If you are thinking of booking your own boudoir session and want to view some of my work please click here

Complete The Any boudoir photographer will tell you, putting on a lash to finish off any makeup look is what sets you apart from just regular lashes (don't get me wrong we love natural beauty here) but having the right lash to complete the look is kick starts the confidence (photographing over 100 women, believe me when I tell you when you put a lash on the sass comes out immediately). If you want to feel fearlessly you now? Shop Monarchy x Fearlessly You Bundle Here

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